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I am so karking tired.

I haven't had a true day off since Tuesday.  Even though I called out on Wednesday.  I still don't consider it a true day off.  I'm just exhausted.  I have one more day to push through, and then I have three days off, technically two, since I'm working at Bath and Body Works on Thursday.  Still.  I just need a day off.  I'm going crazy here.  I'm tired of the hotel flipping my schedule around like they have.  I thought I'd have certain days off.  That's what was implied.  I'm tired of them yanking my chain around.  It messes with me.  And yeah.  I just want a set schedule.

So I went to go see PotC 4 yesterday

-I liked it for the most part.  In some parts it felt slow. 

-I don't think I quite understood the point of the Spanish pirates.  At all.  I thought they'd be more of an antagonist than they were.  They came up and destroyed the fountain...yay?

-Phillip and Serena obviously took the place of Will and Elizabeth.  But I kinda liked how their story ended.  And um, we can have more of Phillip's actor shirtless please and thank you.

-At least there was a kick ass female character for once.  There's been a lack of good, strong female characters.

-Over all, I liked it.  But I think I liked the first and second one the best.

And tonight was the Tony's!

Talk about a good show! :)  I clearly have to get to Broadway.  I want to see How to Succeed, and I want to see the Book of Mormon, and I want to see War Horse.  So many good shows out right now!  Once I get a lot of money though, I'll go.

Anyways, I'm exhausted, I'm gonna go get some sleep.

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