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It never ends...

Oh my god.

It just never ends.  I've been so cranky the past few days.  Everything has been so crazy.  Sunday, work was insane.  I just don't even...ugh.  So I had 16 rooms, 15 checkouts, and 1 stay over.  And I couldn't get them done, I had to have help, even after having someone going ahead of me making beds, I couldn't get them done.  And I had help on my last room.  It was just crazy.  A couple of rooms had to be marked out of order cause they couldn't be used, cause they were dirty, and I couldn't clean them.  And then I'm cranky over some stupid internet stuff.  And then today, I found out that I don't have a day off till Monday.  And I'm horribly cranky of that. *Sighs* Is this week over yet?


I just want to sleep forever.

Oh and you know my worst part of the day today?  I twisted my ankle letting Chip in.  Yeah, it's not going well.


I'm going to go soak in the tub.


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