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I Have No Idea What To Say

I want to update.  But I have no idea what to say.

The job hunt goes ok.  Monday I went out with my dad.  I filled out an application to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I checked in with my Wal-Mart one.  And I'm going to apply to Cost-Co.  And then I'm gonna do a Super 1 (A grocery store) application too.   And I need to finish this AmeriCorps application, but I'm waiting for someone to call me back.  This is the most frustrating thing ever.

Last night, I went out with the line dancing ladies.  We went to Moose's.  One of the girls in our group got her GED, a job, and had her birthday, like, all at once.  So we had a good reason to celebrate.

Today.  Um.  Did line dancing tonight.  And watched the Idol results.
Speaking of...Collapse )

And that's that.

So yeah. 

I don't really know what to say.  I just wanted to throw an update in there.

I'm going to read more in "I Am Number Four" and go to bed.


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