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I Have No Idea What To Say

I want to update.  But I have no idea what to say.

The job hunt goes ok.  Monday I went out with my dad.  I filled out an application to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I checked in with my Wal-Mart one.  And I'm going to apply to Cost-Co.  And then I'm gonna do a Super 1 (A grocery store) application too.   And I need to finish this AmeriCorps application, but I'm waiting for someone to call me back.  This is the most frustrating thing ever.

Last night, I went out with the line dancing ladies.  We went to Moose's.  One of the girls in our group got her GED, a job, and had her birthday, like, all at once.  So we had a good reason to celebrate.

Today.  Um.  Did line dancing tonight.  And watched the Idol results.

So yeah.  Let's talk about TV eh?

-American Idol: I personally thought that Haley sounded the best of the three last night.  And I voted for a little while last night.  I'm still disappointed she got the boot this week.  Along with Ralph on DwtS.  And I'm not really all that excited about the finale.  Total snooze fest.

-The Office: I LOVED IT!  Ah! It made me happy.

-Parks and Rec was amazing too.  This show, just makes my heart so happy.

-Glee: OMG!  That was so freaking hard to watch!  It hit very close to home this week.  Very close.  See, I lost my Grandma back in September.  And it just made me cry, during the actual funeral scene.  Pure Imagination is what really did it.  I put that on a cd of songs that reminded me of my Grandma.  Oh man.  I was a mess.

-Doctor Who: OMFG! SO MUCH FUCKING LOVE!  SO MUCH LOVE!  That is all.

And that's that.

So yeah. 

I don't really know what to say.  I just wanted to throw an update in there.

I'm going to read more in "I Am Number Four" and go to bed.


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