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So I totally had a Star Wars marathon in honor of Star Wars Day yesterday.  I finished it up today.  And I watched Spaceballs as well.  Crazy stuff.

So TV tonight.

-American Idol: HELL YES!  JACOB IS GONE!  I HATED Jacob.  Like loathed him.  He got on my nerves so much.  Soso glad.

-The Office: I'm still not sure on Will Ferrel.  But the opening credits made me tear up.  I was like, there's no Steve!  it was sad.

-Parks and Rec: I love this show more and more every week.  Amy Pohler is a goddess.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

My grandpa and aunt went to Great Falls so my grandpa could visit some friends, and my aunt tagged along.  My dad is in a conference of some sort in Helena.  They'll all be back tomorrow.

Not sure when I work next.  Perhaps I should go in in the next day or so and see.  Because that's annoying that I don't know.  Ya know?

Anyways, this entry has nothing in it, but I just felt the need to update.  Partly because I love this song so much.  I NEED MORE JAMES TAYLOR IN MY LIFE!  I love him so much.  Mmm.  I could listen to him sing forever and ever.

And I just really wanted to use Beaker.  Because I <3 Beaker.

And I think I'm going to go back to twitter. 

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