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A Very Happy Birthday To Me!

Today (The 30th, even though this says the 31st, my computer is set to Eastern time, don't ask) was my birthday.  It was a very happy birthday.  Minus the whole working thing.  But otherwise it was a good day.  And Chipper woke me up at 5:30, and told him to go back to bed.  And thankfully, he did.  But anyways.  I got up to Whitefish, and was waiting for the Snow Bus to go up the mountain.  I got there at 8:10, the bus leaves at 8:30, and is usually there around 8:15.  I'm one of those people that needs to be early wherever I go.  I hate being late.  But 10 minutes later, the bus still wasn't there.  And I was beginning to get impatient and worried that the bus wasn't going to be there in time.  So I just decided to drive on up the mountain.  Which was fine.   I got up there 25 minutes early.  I wasn't sure what to do with myself.  So I just say in the car and I read a little bit, and I listened to the radio.  Good times.  Then I worked.  My co-worker and I just made beds in about 10 different rooms today.  But there was an average of 2-3 beds in each room.  But we were fine with that. We just kind of got to go at our own pace.  And we even got to leave early today!  So that was nice.  And then I got back to the house.  Got ready to go.  Then I went to go pick Maegan up and we went to the restaurant.  Then we all came back here, me, Meagan, my aunt Susi, and my parents.  Had Huckleberry Cheese Pie and I opened presents.  I got the Ghostbusters 1&2 pack.  And "The Girl Who Chased Down the Moon".  And a one pound skein of black yarn (I have a project in mind), and a couple of other skeins of yarn.  Some circular knitting needles.  Dave Barnes "What We Want, What We Get" CD.  And A uDraw tablet for my Wii!  So I got a little of everything!  And Maegan made me a sun catcher and she gave me a necklace that's very pretty.  Then we just chatted for a bit, and then Susi went home and I dropped Maegan off at home and then came back here and now I'm just chilling in bed.  And it's pretty fantastic.

So over all, it's been a really good day!

Happy Birthday to Van Gogh and Jason Dorhing and Nora Jones, and Celine Dion and Paul Riser and Eric Clapton.  And whoever else I forgot!

But yes, it's been a good day.  Thank you to all for the birthday wishes! :)

Now I'm gonna just chill before getting some sleep!


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