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Yay for entries!

So this week has been a really good week.

I finally got rid of the virus known as Qdoba.  I got a new job, albeit, it's temporary.  It's a good job.  I'm enjoying it.  I love my supervisor.  She's so appreciative of the work we do.  And she makes work fun.  And then I had that interview today, at Bath and Body Works.  And it went REALLY well.  I'm pretty sure I have a new job.  My interviewer said that she needed to check my references, but after that, we'd move on.  So, it sounded like, from my interview, that I was as good as hired.  So, I hope I'm right.  She said she'd call around Thursday-ish.  Sounds good.  Like it'd take about a week to get a hold of my references.  And tonight,  I had Chinese food.  Finally, my craving for crab rangoons was FIXED.  Ah.  I went to Alley Connection.  Mmm.  I love Chinese food.

So I know today is Friday, but it doesn't actually feel like Friday.  Since my real Friday isn't till Sunday.  If that makes sense.  I'm so tired though, so nothing makes sense.

Ah fuck it.  I'm going to bed.  I can't keep my eyes open anymore.


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