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A Good Day That Keeps Getting Better

I decided to upgrade to a paid account, for a year.  I figured, I can afford it now, and I like the features that come with it.  Or most of them, so I said, why the hell not?  So I went ahead and did that.

I've had an extremely lazy day today.  And it's fantastic!

So, about an hour ago or so, LC Staffing called, to confirm they had me listed for a customer service job.  And then they mentioned that they had housekeeping job up at Whitefish Mountain Resort, so I was like, ok, I'll take it!  So, I go in for orientation tomorrow at 2 at LC Staffing.  And I start on Wednesday.  And then dad was listening to the messages on the home phone, and I had a call for an interview at Bath and Body Works.  So I called them back and I got an interview set up for Friday at 5!

So, this pretty sums up my mood today:

Hehe!  I'm really excited! 

I'm glad things are finally looking up, and I have a job, that gives me hours, 9-4, Wednesday-Sunday.  And it's 8.50 an hour.  Which is a little over a dollar more then what I'm getting right now.  So, I'm happy with that!

So, my day is really good!

How have y'all been?!

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