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So, apparently I need a friend named Amy, because it appears from jezzibella and harumph that all awesomely epic friends, are named Amy.

So, work was ok today.  I made the pico this morning.  Good stuff.  I know secrets now ;).  But yeah, it was busy today.  And so I was checking my hours at the end of my shift, and low and behold, I'm scheduled for 5 hours next week.  I am so fucking over this job.  They don't schedule me, then they call me in half the time.  If they're gonna call me in, why not schedule me in the first place?  Wouldn't that save everyone a lot of trouble?  I just don't even care anymore.  I'm trying to care.  I just don't anymore, when I feel like they aren't respecting me at all.  I've never been more annoyed before.  I've never hated a job as much as I do this one.  I mean, granted, I didn't like TeleTech that much, and for the short time I cleaned those hotel rooms, I didn't like it.  I mean, for the first week or so.  And then once I got on the deep cleaning crew, everything was fine.  But seriously.  I just feel so...disrespected.  It just sucks.  I have to find something different.  And I will, if I hear back from anyone. *Sighs*

In other news, this evening has been really nice.  I've just been chilling.  I had some pizza, watching "Roseanne" on the Wii, have the fire on.  Good stuff.

So, I'm gonna get back to that.


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