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Long Day Was Long

Apparently, according to a customer, I work for the "Subway of Mexico".  LOL!

Anyways, today wasn't so bad.  It was SO SLOW for the first hour and a half or so.  And then about 12:30 we got SLAMMED, and it was just me and one other person working.  We were going as fast as we could.  It was so intense.  I made decent tips again today.  And I got called in a half hour early.  So, that wasn't too bad either.  It was just busy.  And I'm already thrown off by the time change.  And after we were so busy, I'm really tired.

So I got off work, and I got here, and was here for like, 5 minutes, when my dad called.  And the phone was crackling, and he said something about food.  I don't know, but they were here a minute or two later.  They told me that my Aunt Susi's dog, Sebastian, had passed away.  :(  I'm sad for her.  So we went out to dinner.  Went to Famous Dave's.  We were going to go to Nickle Charlie's.  But I suggested Famous Dave's, so we went there. 

And then we came back here, and I filled out a job application to ShopKo and Staples.  Staples had some interesting questions, such as "Do you do all you can to win?" or something to that effect.  It was like..um...ok?  So strange.  But I've got high hopes for something.  Something tells me, that this week is going to bring a shift, or a change.  And a good one at that.

I burned my arm on the tortilla steamer today.  Third burn...I have got to stop doing that.

Hoom...I'm tired.  I should go to bed before too long.

And there's now 26 days till my birthday!  WOOT!

Ok, yeah, sleep.

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