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"Poop is raining from the ceilings. Poop!"

I used to be so good about updating this thing everyday.  But I just fail.

So work is going well.  I like Guest Service.  But there's just a lot to get right over there.  Like defects.  That's probably the most frustrating thing.  Just sticking the labels on correctly.  I don't mind sorting abandons, that I like.  But I guess I'm just putting a lot of pressure on myself to get things exactly right.  I guess I'm more of a perfectionist than I thought I was.

I'm excited, because I have the next two days off, and then I don't go in till 4 on Saturday.  So, it's almost like I've got 3 days off, because I got off at 4 today and then I don't go in till 4 on Saturday.  But I got some junk food for the next couple of days.  Some mini powdered doughnuts, Lays Stax Sour cream and Onion chips, Gushers, and those Sour Patch Kids watermelon slices.  So I'm pretty excited.  And I'm excited too, because my parents are going fishing tomorrow, so that leaves me with a car, so I can go get Taco Bell for lunch!

Also, I'm excited for tomorrow because...SEASON 6 OF THE OFFICES COMES ON!  And I've only been waiting for Season 6 since the end of Season 5.  I have a feeling that it's gonna be a really big season.  I've spent the last week re-watching all of the seasons.  And I had kind of been in the mood to watch them recently.  And also, a new episode of Project Runway is on tomorrow.  And I have this feeling that Nicholas is gonna go.  And I totally forgot that there was a new Top Chef on tonight, but it comes on in half an hour, and I don't want to go back upstairs to watch it.  So if it comes on tomorrow, I'll just catch it tomorrow, or if it comes on on Friday, I'll catch it on Friday.

I've been really tired this week, because I've been having more morning shifts, which I like a whole lot better than the later shifts.  Even though I don't love waking up quite so early.  But I'd rather open than close.

Also, fantastic news.  I GOT MY DIPLOMA!  So my parents and I are totally gonna party it up on Friday with Triple Chocolate Cake, Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza, and I HOPE that we can play my Office DVD board game, cause otherwise, I don't have anyone to play it with.  And I really want to play it.

I guess otherwise, I'm doing well.  I've been doing a lot of working, which is good and bad.  I would love to do something other than work all the time.  Cause even though my hours got cut, it still feels like I'm working all of the time.  Which is frustrating.

Anyways, I'm tired and I need to go to bed.


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