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So today wasn't too bad.  I filled out an application to Lowe's.  I went to Bath and Body works and turned in an application.  And I went by Express Personal.  And they said that they were still finalizing my references, whatever that means, and that they would let someone know that I stopped in.  And then I went by work to get my schedule.  A whooping 9.5 hours.  Combined.  Next Saturday and Sunday.  *Sighs* It's better than none.  I won't let it get me down though.  I'll find something different soon.  Something I like and that I can get decent hours at.  Just a block in the road right now though. Oh well.


Let's see...good things that happened today...

-It was beautiful weather outside

-It was a good day overall

-I'm in a good mood today

-I was looking through my Photobucket earlier and I found lots of pictures.  Some harumph might appreciate!  

That was from when my cousin Alex and I were fairly small.  I was 4 then.  Yes those are Popple sheets on my trundle bed. :P

This was from a night out my Sophomore year of college.  We went to the park one night.  That weekend was probably one of the most fun I've ever had!  I had several fun nights with friends, but that was one of the better ones.  :)

This is after the 3rd time harumph and I saw the movie.  We decided to take a photo of our ticket stubs!  Which all 4 of mine are still lying around someplace...

And one of Chipper, because he can be too cute sometimes.

And that's that! :)

I give credit to Jess for the idea of the picture entry.

But yeah.  I'm doing ok.  Hanging in there.  That's about all we can do, right?  And at least I have a whole other week to look for jobs.

Ok, I'm just gonna chill for awhile before going to bed


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