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On A Positive Note...

I actually had a decent day today.  The weather was nice, and after actually waking up, my mood was good.  Ya know?  Sometimes there's a bit of a residual feeling leftover from the day before for a little while.  And then you wake up and it goes away.  So it was good after I woke up a bit.

Went out shopping.  Decided to go to ShopKo.  Cause I think the last time I went there, was with Allison like, 4 or 5 years ago.  And MAN do they have an extensive collection of movies and music.  I found season 1 of the Nanny and volume 2 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know I shouldn't have gotten both...but I did.  And then I went by Jo-Ann's.  Popped in just to say hi.  Went by Best Buy, and I wasn't going to get anything, but then I went by the Wii games.  And I saw a Sonic game for a good buy.  So I got it.  And then I went by Borders.  And again.  I wasn't going to get anything, or upgrade to the Plus membership...but it's 20 bucks a year, and I go in there enough.  And I found a collection of three Goosebumps books for 4.99.  And the books are that much alone.  So I really couldn't pass it up.  And then I went into TJ Maxx and Ross and just browsed around.  Went into Target to see if they had the coffee creamer that I wanted, but they didn't.  So I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed a couple.  And got some Subway.  And headed back to the house.

I've been watching Roseanne on the streaming Netflix on the Wii recently.  So I watched some of that, and now I'm watching Idol.  Because no other shows were new tonight.  So I think I'll pop in some Brady Bunch, cause my season 5 got here today.

But yes.  I was happy with all my purchases today.  And I'm really happy with the top 13!  I have NO idea who my favorite is!

But yeah.  It was a good day.  And I was happy with how everything went today. :)

Ok, onto the Brady Bunch!


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