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Relaxing Day Was Relaxing

So, today was a very muchly needed relaxing day.

As you've gathered, work has been stressing me out like crazy.  So, I was scheduled to have today off.  So I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Chip woke me up a couple of times, nice and early.  So I ended up waking up around 9.  Mom, dad, and my Uncle David left around 9:45.  I was really tired this morning.  I think I was overly caffeinated on Friday.  And then I was just tired yesterday.  I did a lot of running around yesterday.   Anyways.  I was tired.  Hung around the house till about 11.  I went to City Brew and got a mocha with caramel in it.  Which was pretty good.  Went to Wal-Mart to get snacks for the Oscars.  Got some lunch from Taco Bell and I headed back to the house.  And I was chatting with some friends on Twitter.  And I decided that I needed to go see a movie.  I was going to see Black Swan, but it wasn't playing anymore.  So I went to see the King's Speech.  And it was AMAZING!  I totally recommend it.  And I got a pizza and came back here.  Watched the Oscars.  And my parents just got home.

The Oscars were pretty good.  I didn't find them boring.  I liked James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts.  I thought they were good.  But yeah, I enjoyed the evening overall.  :)

And hopefully, I hear from TJ Maxx this week.

But I think I'm gonna get some sleep pretty soon.  It's been a nice, relaxing day.  But sleep is good too.


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