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"Mr. Ranger Sir! Mr. Ranger Sir!"

So, still not loving work.  But yesterday was bearable.  Got through my stuff just fine, and then I was running around the dinning room, cleaning tables and checking on customers to see if they were doing ok and cleaning dishes.  I was hardly on the line at all.  And I was ok with that.

Today was pretty good.  We ended up going to the Park.  We were going to do snowshoeing, but we decided against that.  So we ended up just walking a mile or two.  It was so gorgeous today!  I got lots of great pictures.  I need to upload them to my computer, and then I'll post a few here.  And I'm yet again, going on a Junior Ranger badge quest.  We went on a vacation, when I was like, 9 or 10.  And we went to all these parks and caves and stuff, and I got a whole bunch of Junior Ranger badges.  Since there's no age limit on being a Junior Ranger, I figure, why not get another one?  That, and I like doing the activities in the book.  So, yeah.  And we went to the Glacier Gill in Coram for lunch, and Piscado Blanco in Whitefish for dinner.  So it was a pretty good day all in all.

Tomorrow, we're doing brunch here.  And I think my mom said something about Whitefish and Big Fork.  I'm not sure.  Hopefully we can play some Hand and Foot.  That'd be fun. 

Anyways, I'm really tired.  I'm gonna get some sleep.


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