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Karking Dog...

So, Chip and I woke up at 10 this morning.  We usually wake up between 9 and 10.  So I get up, and notice he's not on my bed.  Which isn't unusual.  He'll stay on my bed for awhile, and then hop down sometime during the night.  So I get up, and normally he gets up when I get up.  He'll zip out from under the bed and get all excited for me to open the door and then trots to the front door.  So this time, did this happen?  No.  I had to go and call him out from under the bed.  And he slowly comes out from under the bed, and slowly goes over to my door, and then slowly goes over to the front door.  He was acting really lethargic.  And concerning me.  So, I went to go fix his food.  Added his medications to his bowl.  He's taking a heart pill and milk thistle.  Not sure what the milk thistle is supposed to do though.  But anyways, he's watching me, like he's hungry and all, but he's not barking and annoying me like he usually does.  Which concerns me.  So I set the food down, and I forgot to give him his heart pill, so I just kinda stuck it in his food.  He started eating, and ate most of his food, but not all of it.  Which is different.  So, then he was shivering.  So I turned the fire on.  And then I called my parents office, because I was really worried.  So, I talked to my mom.  And told her what was up.  She said that she would talk to my dad and then call me back.  So a couple minutes later, she called me back.  Told me that it was the side effects of his medicines.  Lethargy and less of a appetite.  But damn that dog.  He scared me half to death!

He's doing ok now though.   *Sighs*
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