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Work and the Office

So, I think training over in Guest Service was the best thing ever.  Because I certainly like work a whole lot better now.  It was the something different I needed.  But I love it over there.  It's great.  I got told a couple of times today that I was doing really good over there.  And then one of the store managers told me I was reliable, when I said that I had the One-Spot all straightened up, before we closed today, and I also got a Great Team Member card for helping with straightening up over in Girls, Boys, and Infants today.  So it was a really good day today.

I'm really excited, because tomorrow, my mom and I are gonna go into Target, and she's gonna buy a few things, and I'm gonna buy Season 5 of the Office with the bonus disc, even though it's 39.99, but it's so effing worth it!  I love the Office and anything that's a bonus, I'll get it.

Anyways, things are pretty good.  I've just been working and living.  Not much else has been going on recently.  So, there you go I guess.  I think it's time for bed.


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