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"You're beautiful..."

Ok.  So my views and opinions on TV last night!

-Idol was in Nashville.  Honestly, I think there was some better luck in Milwaukee.  I really liked Alyson.  From Milwaukee. I think she's one I'm going to keep my eye on.  And there were a couple of others from Nashville that I liked ok.  I failed to take any sort of notes.  I will next week though.

-The Office was just ok. I loved the cold open with Ricky Gervais.  He's awesome.  But, it was just ok.  The show is really not what it used to be.  And I'll miss Steve Carelle when he goes.

-BBT was a repeat.  But I still loved it.  "Hi.  I'm Leonard.  You are beautiful.  You pop, sparkle, and buzz e-lec-tric.  I'm gonna pick you up at 8.  And show you a night you will NE-VER forget."  OMG!  I freaking DIED with laughter at that.  Wow.  It was just.  Wow.  But it was still pretty good.

-Bleep My Dad Says was ok.  I'm on middle ground with that show.  I like it, but I don't.

-And I watched Parks and Rec for the first time last night.  Which was pretty good.  I have to watch a few more episodes to really see if I like it or not.

And that is that on TV for Thursday nights.

Chip got his food in.  And his Chinese herbs.  So we'll see how that goes.  My poor baby.  I mean, he's 11.  So he's not a puppy any more.  But he's still a puppy in my heart.

Not sure what's going on this weekend.  Hopefully something interesting.  I need to do something fun.

I'm starving.  So, I'm gonna go figure something out to eat.


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