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Keepin' Busy

It's been a fairly busy past couple of days.  But I figured it was time for an update.

So, we've moved on from August to September.  Crazy, crazy.

Things have been alright the past couple of days.  Tuesday  I was supposed to train over in Guest Service, but I ended up cashiering, because I guess we were short on people or something.  I really wasn't too happy about that.  So, I cashiered on Tuesday, and yesterday was my one day not closing this week, but I ended up staying an extra 20 minutes, because again, we were short on cashiers.  But the cool thing was, I got to cover for the GSTL's break, so I got to keep an eye on the lanes.  So that was cool.  And then today, I finally got to be over at Guest Service.  Which I really like.  There's plenty to do over there.  And I'm learning, so that's a good thing.  It's something other than cashiering, which I also really like.  And tonight, I got to do the closing announcements, which was fun.  And we didn't have to stay too late.

On Tuesday, I bought the Office DVD board game.  Which I'm super excited about, I just don't have anyone to play with.  And now we've got 4 days till Season 5 is released on DVD, and we've got 14 days till the premier of Season 6!  And I'm also super excited, because I have the day off, which means I get to watch it!  YAY!

Ok, well, I got to watch the new episode of Top Chef last night and I'm glad that Preeti got the boot.  I really like Jessie, and I hope she can hold on for a little bit longer.  But I don't think she will.  I really dislike Mike.  He's so arrogant and annoying.  I have a feeling that he'll be here a little bit longer than I'd like him to be, but whatever.  My final 3, I'm predicting Jennifer and at least one of the brothers and maybe Kevin.  I don't really like Jennifer's personality, but I'm kinda hoping she wins.  I just want a girl to win this year.  It's about time!
And I watched like, half of Project Runway, and I was really happy with who got the boot tonight.  I have to say, it's about FREAKING time he left.

Anyways, I'm just kinda sitting around till I get tired enough to go to bed.  And I'm not really that tired yet.  And my tummy wasn't hungry at lunch today at work, but I got Taco Bell around 1, and my lunch was like 5:30 or so, like, an hour and half after I got there.  And I'm just now getting kinda hungry.  Lame.  Maybe I'll have some Goldfish or something.  I dunno.  I probably shouldn't.  Anyways, it's time I should probably go to bed.  But I'm engrossed with Season 2 of the Office.  So I'll watch that till I get tired, and then go to bed.



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