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Knitting, Cleaning, and More

I took on the large project of cleaning and organizing my room.  And finally after three days, it's done.  It was pretty much done yesterday, I just vacuumed and dusted real good today.  But I'm SO happy.  My closet, my nightstands, and the love seat.  I'm so stoked.

Ended up going to Wal-Mart today.  I wanted to get some Fabreeze, but I didn't wanted to spend 3 bucks on a bottle.  So I got a can of 98 cent Glade  The lavender vanilla scent, it's pretty nice.  And a 60 some gallon (I think it's a gallon) tub.  It's a big one.  For 4.44.  I was stoked at that price.  I couldn't pass it up.  AND it holds ALL of my yarn.  That's the most important thing.  And I got Chip some chewies, cause he was out.  And I finally found some Rice Krispie Treat cereal.  Which is one of my favorites.  So I had to get some.  I've been looking ALL over for it.  And they didn't have the minutes I needed, so I went over to Target and I got some there, along with some pencils, to do my puzzles I got for Christmas.  The word ones I mean.  And then I got a raspberry kiss mocha at Borders, mostly to try out my coffee cozy that I got in my stocking.  And it works nicely. 

So, I'm working on a scarf with the yarn I got at Camus Creek the other day.  I'm doing a checker pattern.  Just alternating squares of knits and purls.  I'm totally in love with it.  I'll post pictures of it once I'm done.  But I'm really happy with it so far.  It looks kind of woven.  But it's cool!

I FINALLY got my tie blanket done.  I've had the kit since the beginning of November, but I haven't had the space to do it or get it done.  But I'm happy I got it done.  It looks good.  I love tie blankets.  Second one I've done.  Quick and easy project.  Can be done in about an hour.  Good stuff.

No job yet.  I'll probably go out tomorrow and do some looking.  I need to.

I think I'm gonna play on Sporcle and go to bed.


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