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Baby It's Cold Outside......


My sister got home ok.  She and my parents left here about 8 yesterday and they took her to Spokane and she flew back off to Connecticut.  And then about 12:30 I went and got Maegan, and we hung out.  We went by her bank.  Then we went to Borders, and I picked up my 2 Disc edition of "Singin' in the Rain".  I haven't watched it yet.  I haven't had the chance.  And then we went over to Target, and I got a container to put my yarn in.  And High School Musical 3 and the Tangled soundtrack, and some socks.  Cause I needed new socks.  And then we went over to the movie theater and we got our tickets for "Gulliver's Travels".  And then we went to Los Coperalas for lunch.  And over to JoAnn's.  Cause Maegan wanted some stuff from there.  And then we went back to the movie theater and saw the movie.  It was ok.  "Gulliver's Travels" is probably a Netflix or Red box item.  It was like, a 2 star movie at best.  And then I went and dropped her off at home.  And then went back to the house.

I'll admit it, High School Musical is a guilty pleasure.  Allison knows that.   But yeah, I like them.  And I've wanted 3 for awhile.  So I've got 'em all now. XD

Today was a very productive day. 

I woke up at like 9:30.  I was exhausted after yesterday.  Cause I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before.  Susi was over till 12:30 or something like that.  And I tossed and turned till 3:30ish.  Almost 4.  And then I got up at 7:45 or so.  To say bye to Lauren.  So I was really tired all day yesterday.  Anyways.  I got some sleep, and I woke up about  9:30 or so and then my mom took me with her to the office.  And then I went to Little Ceaser's and got a Hot n' Ready and some Crazy Bread.  Mmm.  And then I kinda sat around for a couple of hours.  Then about 3:00 or so I got busy and started to really clean my room.  I got the loveseat cleared off.  But it's got some stuff on there again.  But I'll got it all cleared off tomorrow.  There's like, a set of sheets, and a trash bag full of trash and a tie blanket kit that needs to be cut and tied and my jeans.  But I'll get it all cleaned off tomorrow.  And I got my closet all cleared out and organized.  And I got my bookshelf all organized.  And then I got the Ladies desk finally cleared off.  And I got the nightstands all cleared off.  And like, 3 loads of laundry done.  And I finally got that damned laundry basket cleared out of clean clothes, but I rewashed them, because I needed to.  And got it all put away.  Tomorrow I gotta get the nightstands cleared out.  And the organize the top shelf on my bookshelf.  And then get the loveseat all cleared off.  And yarn all balled up.  And then I've got to get a couple of bags cleared out.  Just some stuff from Christmas and some other stuff.  But still, they can't sit in the middle of the floor.  And I need to clear my bag out.  It's a big, big, big mess.  I have no idea what's in there.  But yeah.  I'm working on my new years resolution of getting my room organized underway.

We're supposed to get a huge winter storm tomorrow.  They say that, but then what they think will happen, won't.  So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

I dunno,.  I'm not tired.  But I should be.

I think I'll mess around on Sporcle for awhile and then get some sleep.


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