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I'll eventually change out my more Christmas-y icons.  It's still winter though, so I'll keep some of them for a bit.  That and my theme.  I dunno.  We'll see.

Anyways.  Lauren goes back home tomorrow.  Maegan and I are gonna hang out while my parents drop her off at the airport in Spokane.  I think we're gonna go see "Tangled" again.  I need to do a couple of other errands.  So we'll see.  I definitely need to get new socks and go to Borders.  Cause I reserved a copy of the deluxe edition of "Singin' in the Rain".  So I need to go get it.  I'm totally obsessed with it right now.  It's so fabulous.  I don't know why I didn't come upon it sooner than I did.  Oh well.  And then I need a couple of containers for stuff in my room.  Mostly one for yarn and crocheting and knitting related items.  And then I needed one just for general organization   I think...there was something I wanted to get it for...oh well.  And I want to get the "Tangled" soundtrack too.  I love the music to the movie.  

And speaking of soundtracks.  I got the "Singin' in the Rain" soundtrack on iTunes last night.  I finally was able to get it on a cd though, sort of by accident.  My computer has been not recognizing that I have a CD/DVD drive.  Because my computer is flat out stupid.  And it wasn't saying that it was burned to a cd.  So I think I have like, 3 copies of it.  But I gave one to my sister, who mislabeled a blank cd, who burned it, and gave it to me.  And I was trying to burn a copy for my personal use anyways, to play in the car and back up reasons.  But, I have a cd, and that's all that matters.  It's going in the car tomorrow.  Along with "Cinderella", "Camelot", "My Fair Lady", and probably 2002 "Hairspray" and some other musical.  I'm in a musical mood.  Because the car can hold 6 cd's.  Maybe a Classic Disney, like Volume 3.  I love that one.  I love all the Class Disney's.  Maybe one of the CD's we made for my Grandma.  I'm feeling the one I made.  I dunno.  We'll see what my mood is when I wake up tomorrow.

The weekend was pretty good.  Yesterday we went up to Lone Pine, and only went up to the first overlook, cause it was iced over the rest of the way.  Then we went to Ace Hardware, and my dad exchanged something.  Then we went to Camus Creek Yarn, and I got some Peruvian Highland Wool in this gorgeous teal color.  I'm pretty excited about it.  And some pretty knitting needles.  And then we went to the Hockaday, which takes all of 20 minutes to walk through.  And then we went to the Montana Club for dinner.  It wasn't that good.  And then went back here.  We watched "Real Women Have Curves" and my sister taught my mom to knit.  And then we went to bed.  And my mom woke up and wasn't feeling good this morning.  So this afternoon my dad and my sister and I went to Glacier for a bit.  Then we went to Glacier Grill in the bustling town of Coram.  And then we went back to the house.  And my dad got some sandwich stuff for dinner.  Then we watched "Jane Eyre".  Which I haven't read.  But I dunno if I will or not.  And my aunt came over and we watched "Brothers and Sisters".  And then she left a little while ago.  And now I should probably go to bed.  Seeing as tomorrow will be a full and exciting day.

So, to bed I go.


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