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Moses Supposes His Toses Are Roses...

So, I'm much decidedly an old school musical fan.  As much as I love "Hairspray" and "RENT!" and the music from "Wicked" and the music from "Avenue Q", I'm very much stuck back in the good ole days of musicals.  Like "White Christmas" and I just got into "Singin' in the Rain", and I really like "Kiss Me Kate".  But then there's some of those R&H classics you can't beat.  The King and I, Sound of Music...and so on and so forth.  It's just some sort of magic with the "old school" musicals that you can't quite replicate with the newer ones.  Not that the newer ones are bad.  I guess I'm going through a phase.  But I love musicals.  Period.  Maybe I should study musical theatre in grad school.  What I'd do with it, I don't know.  What school I'd go to, I don't know. Maybe, I should run a dinner theater, and cook the food and either stage manage or direct the shows.  Preferably stage manage though, since that's where my passion lies within theatre.  But man oh man, do I love musicals.  Hmmm...

Anyways.  Looking forward to Monday.  My mom and dad are driving Lauren up to Spokane, so she can fly back to school.  Maegan and I are gonna hang out.  We might go see "Tangled" again, I'm not sure.  But one, it'll be nice to have some time with Maegan, and two, it'll be nice to have a bit of breather time in the house.  I need a bit of alone time.  Just a bit.  It's been a little while since I've had a good amount of alone time.  But it's really important to have that.

So I got woken up this morning with a mysterious phone call from some one saying my debit card was suspended and to press such and such buttons.  But working at TeleTech, via Bank of America, taught me better than to press buttons to do such and such from a number I don't recognize about my bank account.  Also, I was pretty much taught that a bank doesn't make phone calls about that sort of thing.  Now a compromised card, that's different.  They'll send you out a letter about that.  But not for a suspended card.  Good thing I had to go to the bank anyways today.

I went by LC Staffing today.  I updated my information with them.  If I don't hear anything by Wednesday, I'll give them a call back.  Cause the sooner I find a job, the sooner I'll be happy and the sooner my parents will be happy.  And that'll be good for everyone.

Ok, it's 11:30, it's late enough.


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