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Movin' Right Along...

I suppose I need to change my theme and whatnot.  But I do love "White Christmas".  Hmm...maybe I'll change it to "Singin' in the Rain" mood theme, if I can find one that is.  I just watched it for the first time last night, and I kind of fell in love.  We'll see.

The job hunt isn't going so well thus far.  I haven't done a lot of hunting.  I've only had like, 2 days to be able to look.  But I'm planning on going to LC Staffing, a temp agency here, and the Gateway Mall, cause it's hiring.  I guess I just need something.  I hate job hunting.

Today was alright.  We went to Whitefish and got some lunch at Lula's Cafe.  And then we went to a Pottery shop and the Purple Pomegranate, just a little gift shop place kinda thing.  The lady who owns it has a couple of Yorkies there.  So we went in there anyways, cause my mom wanted to go in there.  But how can you pass up Yorkies?  Cause that's what Chip is.

For those of you who have never seen Chip:

That picture is a few years old.  But that's my Chipper Ripper.

Anyways, we went to some shop across the street after that, it was a boutique type place.  Kinda cute.  And then we got coffee at Sally's.  Then, we went up to the Knit n' Needle Yarn Shoppe.  And I got a couple of skeins of yarn.  And I'm happy.  Cause, I love yarn.  And I have even more of a reason to use yarn now that I know the basics of knitting.  And then we headed back to Kalispell, went by Bed Bath and Beyond, cause my sister is still looking for her Christmas present.  My parents are getting her either a cookware set or a mixer.  So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and CostCo.  She's still deciding.  And then we came back home.  Had dinner and chilled.

Tomorrow is my parents anniversary.  I think it's gonna be pretty low key.  Just staying in.  The past few years we've all celebrated my parents anniversary together.  It's kinda weird, but good at the same time I guess.  But yeah.  I think we might watch "Princess Bride".  I love that movie.  And not sure about the rest of the weekend.  Hopefully something interesting.  

But yeah.  I'm doing ok.

And for anyone who's my friend on Twitter: Taking a bit of a break.  Nothing wrong.  Just needing to break away for a bit.

Actually, that's kind of the computer on general.  I've only been on for an hour or two at a time the past few weeks.  And right before bed.  Trying to not let the computer take over my whole life.  Like it has been recently.  Just good to do every now and again.  I think it was good for me when my computer was out of commission for a few months last year.  But yeah.  I'm ok.  Just taking a bit of a break.  Doing something for me for a bit.

Anyways, I should get some sleep.


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