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My last day of work was Tuesday.  It was work.  I had one lady who was really upset, she got some Easter material and she thought it was Holiday material, and she got all upset, because it wasn't on sale.  She threw this huge horrendous fit about it.  And then, she went on how she wasn't going to shop at JoAnn's anymore and that she was going to write a letter to Michael's to offer us competition.  And it kind of made me laugh, because we don't have a Michael's anywhere close to us.  And then, she wrote a check, and I asked her to see her Driver's License, cause that's the policy there if you write a check, and she's like, do you want to see my birth certificate too?  She flipped out her ID, and I got like, 2 seconds to look at it and she's like, it's the second number on there, and then she wrote the wrong date on it.  But I wasn't going to tell her that.  And then she stormed out of there before I had a chance to give her a receipt.  So that made my day interesting.

Yesterday it snowed a whole lot.  And today it got really cold.  It's currently right about 0.  Supposed to get down to -5 tonight.  Joy oh joy.

Lauren taught me to knit today!  She taught me to cast on, knit, and purl.  Took a bit to get the hang of purling.  But within a couple of hours I had knitting down.  I guess knowing how to crochet is an advantage.  But it's really fun, and I've got like 1/3 of a scarf done already.  Gonna keep moving along with it tomorrow.

And tomorrow...I need to bake cookies.  Susi is coming over sometime.  And we're gonna eat snacks and just chill.  Hopefully play some games.  Like Hand and Foot.  Possibly some other game, if we can talk my sister into it.  She doesn't like games really.  But whatever.  I think on Saturday we're going up to Lone Pine and then possibly going to see "Tangled".  I would really like to see "Tangled" before it leaves.  I don't want to wait till March or April to see it on DVD.

But yeah.  I need to do some job hunting. I applied at Cafe Max, a soup place and the deli at Super 1.  I probably won't hear anything till the beginning of next week.

Also, Twitter friends who read this: I'm not hiding, I just don't feel like being on right now.  I just need a bit of a Twitter break.  I'll be on after my sister leaves.  I just need some time away.  No worries.  I'm ok.  I'll be back soon.

And with that, I need to get some sleep.


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