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Another Day, Another Update

Night time medicine makes me have really weird dreams, and long ones too.  I had a dream that I was back in HS last night, and my theatre teacher was in my dream, which was weird.  And I had a dream about mutelating stuffed animals, but then that turned to real animals, which was kinda scary.  And thats all that I remember of my dreams from last night.

We were really busy at work today, but we were slow yesterday.  Which was weird, because we're never slow on a Saturday.  But I sold 2 REDcards yesterday, and I got a Mini FM scanner radio and a water bottle with the Target bullseye on it.  And then because we were slow, I got pulled over to softlines, and helped put clothes away, and stuff like that.  And I happened to see Alex.  Which was cool.  And I also found out that I made conversion for the year.  Which is good.  Today was busy though.  I didn't leave my lane the first 2 1/2 hours I was there.  But things eventually slowed down, which was nice.  And the last couple of hours we were pretty slow.  We were out of there before 10, which was nice.

I've got the day off tomorrow.  Gonna chill.  It'll be nice.

Not a lot is going on right now, other than work.  I miss school right now.  It's so weird to not be going back.  Still waiting on my diploma to get here.  Wish it would hurry up and get here though.

Anyways, I need to take my night time med and go to bed.


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