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So, you know what's a really great way to put you in the Christmas mood?  By telling you that you won't have a job anymore as of the 28th.  Joy.  Just what  I wanted to hear.  It kind of dampened my spirits a bit.  Oh well.  I'll find something that I really really like.  Not that I don't like JoAnn's.  It's a pretty good job.  But it's not what I'm passionate for.

But anyways.  Aside from that, the past couple of days have been alright.

We were SLAMMED all day long yesterday.  And my sister got here yesterday.  And I'm making progress on my Christmas presents.

My dad's is wrapped.  More or less.  His scarf isn't done yet.  And my sisters is started.  Of course I botched cutting out my fabric.  Oh well.  I can fix it.  And I started her blanket the other day.  And Susi's scarf is almost done.  I got like 80% of it done today.

Maegan and I and Lauren hung out today.  I went and dropped off Lauren at my dad's office, and then I went to Wal-Mart to get a Christmas card for Maegan, and then went and picked up Maegan.  And then we went by her bank and the post office.  Then we went back to the office and got Lauren.  Went over to Wal-Mart again, and Maegan got me the Jetsons Movie and Dazed and Confused for my Christmas present.  And I bought her some yarn.  And Lauren got some stuff.  Then we went and got some Subway for a very late lunch.  And after that, we went back to the house.  Maegan opened her gift.  She loved the frame and the scarf.  And we crocheted and Lauren knitted.  And we listened to Christmas music.  And then Maegan said that she had never listened to John Denver.  So we listened to a couple of his songs.  And then she had never seen the Care Bears movie.  So we rectified that.  And then she stayed for dinner.  And Susi came over.  And we hung out for a bit.  Then I took Maegan home and came back and now I'm tired and going to bed here in a bit.  That and I have a headache.

Working 2-10 tomorrow.  Then I've got three days off.  And then I'm guessing three more days of work.  And then I guess I'll figure it out.

I'm ok.  Just you know, a bit down, cause I won't have a job anymore in a week.  And that sucks.

I'm tired though.  So goodnight.


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