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More Christmas Presents DONE!

Finally was able to get some stuff done.  My dad was gone long enough so I could finish his hat.  Then I got Meagan's frame all painted.  And her scarf is done.  So Meagan is done, except for going and printing off the photo.  I need to go print it off at Wal-Mart though.  And then I'm gonna do my mom's cookbook, and she'll be done.  And then I can finish up my dad's scarf, and he'll be done.  And my sister's is going to take some work.  Her present isn't even started yet.  So we'll see if I can get that started tonight.  And I need to do my aunt's scarf, and then she'll be done.  I'm more than certain  I can get everything done in time.

But damn it's a good feeling to get stuff done.

So, I think I shall watch WALL-E and work on presents for awhile.


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