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Just Another Day

So yesterday tuned out to be interesting.

It was supposed to be my day off.  And around 1, JoAnn's called, and they were like, "Can you come in?  We had someone go home sick." so I was like "Yes, yes I can." and I threw my work clothes on lickity split and went down to work.  Worked for a few hours.  Which was good, because I needed the  hours.  Then as I was going out to the car, I side stepped some ice, and then I hit a slick spot and boom, I went down and twisted my knee.  Which is fine.  It's kinda sore still, but I'm fine.  And then my sister called to wish my mom a happy birthday, but my mom wasn't here.  And then my dad came home and picked me up and we met my mom and my aunt at the Blue Canyon resturant.  It was really good.  I had some good mac n' cheese.  It has farfalle pasta, cheese, peas, corn, rock shrimp, and peppadew peppers in it.  It's REALLY good.  And then we came home and watched the Biggest Loser finale which, I wasn't to thrilled that Patrick won.  I really was rooting for Ada.  And 9 times out of 10, the person who was last eliminated, wins the at home weight loss.  Which kind of isn't fair  But oh well.. Anyways.  And then my mom opened her presents.  I gave her "Jane Eyre" in edition to "White Christmas" the other night.  And dad got her some book.  Not sure what it is.  And that was pretty much my day yesterday.  Glad I got called in, cause I really needed the hours.  They've been cutting my hours back recently.  Which is tough to deal with.  Cause I have horrible spending habits.  And I'm trying to make those better.  Not easy, but I'm getting there.

But I should get ready for work.  I don't really want to.  I'd like to spend the day in bed.  Where it's warm.  But work is good.  I just really like my bed.

Anyways, off to work.


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