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Keeping Busy

I suddenly realized how many things I have to do between now and Christmas.  I have like, 12 or 13 different things to make.  But, I'm trying to get them all done this week with the large amounts of down time that I have.  I should be able to.

Also: I'm gonna try to send out Christmas Cards THIS WEEKEND!  If you want one, and I don't have your address, either message me, DM me on Twitter, or leave a comment here.  I'll screen the comments.  

Barely working this week.  It's semi frustrating. 

So, Grandpa got off safe and sound yesterday.  I think he made it to Casper today.  And Susi should be here on Monday?  I think.  Kinda hoping I have Monday off, so I can help move her in.

But yeah.  I'm doing alright.  Just busy and tired.

So I'm gonna get some sleep.


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