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To those who saw those two comments on my previous entry: MY APPOLOGIES!  I had NO idea that that's what that was, until I just looked at it.  Deleted the comments and banned the user from posting comments on my entries.  GO AWAY SPAMMERS!

In other news:

I'm tired.  We were super busy today.  And I got sent home early, because we needed more payroll hours.  Damn it.  1 1/2 hours away from going home.  I wasn't happy.  And I freaking need those hours and that money.  *Sighs* Oh well. 

But, on the way home.  I stopped by Target and Borders.  It's kinda funny, because I pulled into a parking spot, and as I was parking, this lady was looking at me funny, and I got out, and she's like "I don't think that's a parking spot dear, I think that's part of the road".  And I'm like "No, that's a parking spot".  Apparently they're out of towners.  Because if they were, they wouldn't have said anything.  But, I went into Target and got some coffee creamer.  Went to Borders, and looked at the cookbook I wanted to get my dad, but it was cheaper online at Borders.com.  So I decided to get it online.  I ended up getting a Peppermint Mocha Trio and while I was getting ready to leave, I saw season 1 of How I Met Your Mother on sale for 15 dollars.  So I decided to get it!  And I came back here and ordered the cookbook for my dad.  I think I might make my dad a hat to go along with his scarf.

I'm still stuck on what to get my mom though.  I don't know.  I kind of want to make her a cookbook of family recipes.  Which means, I have to contact family members.  So, we'll see.

Anyways, I'm tired, and kinda hungry.  So I'll go check on dinner.


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