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Surving Black Friday

I survived my first Black Friday today.  Working at least.  It was kinda fun.  I was there from 7-3:30 today.  The line just didn't end.  Just went on and on my friends.  Some people, started waiting not knowing what to do, and they'll continue waiting forever just because...Ok.  Obviously I'm tired.  But it was kinda fun.  Just really busy.  I think the biggest transaction I had was 300 some, I think, might've been 400.  The most I saw saved was 800 some.  People waited in line at the cut table for 3 hours.  All for 1.25 a yard flannel.  I mean, it's a good price, but MY GOD!  That's ridiculous!  Got home around 4:30ish.  I had to make a quick Wal-Mart run after work.  Cause I needed minutes for my phone and Chip needed chewies, and because I only got 2 sips of coffee this morning, and left it out in the car like the genius that I am.  I had to get a Coke.  But, I ended up forgetting coffee creamer.  So I have to get some of that tomorrow.  Working 8-4:30 tomorrow.  Not too bad.  Hope we're just as busy tomorrow as we were today.  Because I like days that go fast like that.  So yeah, fast days are good.

I figured out what I'm getting my dad for Christmas.  Pretty excited about that.  I have to see where the price is the best though.  If it's good on FoodNetwork.com, I'll get it there.  If it's good on Amazon, I'll get it there.  If it's better at Borders.  I'll get it there.  Depends.  I'm completely lost on what to get my Mom though.

Anyways, I'm exhausted. 


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