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I am freezing my ass off.  It's so karking cold.  The computer says 2.  But I'm pretty sure it's closer to 0.  And I guess until a few minutes ago, we were under a blizzard warning.  But apparently, that's no longer a threat. *Rolls eyes* I hate winter.  I slept with Chip, 5 blankets, and my hoodie on last night, and I was still kinda chilly.  I mean, I'm warmer than I originally was.  But it's still so karking cold.  We put the hoodie on Chip that my sister reading_dragon got him for Christmas a couple of years ago.  He looks SO CUTE in it.  But I know he's kinda cold.

I've been working on making myself a Hufflepuff/ESU hat on my Knifty Knitters.  I'm pretty excited! :)  I did the brim last night.  Gonna finish the top part of it today.  Gotta have a hat to go with my scarf! :D

Speaking of, I've kind of comissioned myself to make a lot of Harry Potter scarves over the Holidays.  I have A  LOT to do.  A lot to make for the Holidays.  A lot more than usual.  I kind of don't like buying stuff for people, at least for Christmas.  I really prefer doing homemade things. But I usually buy things at the store when I can't think of anything else.  Think I know what I'm going to get my dad for Christmas, considering I have a Borders coupon...Hmm...

But yeah.  Grandpa made it here safe and sound.  Gonna play some Mexican dominoes later this week.  Need to go get some oven bake clay to make hats!

Anyways, I should go work on my schtuff

And I'll leave you with this: 


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