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A Real Update

Ok, so I haven't done a real update in a couple of  days.  It's been Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that, but I can't help it!  It was AMAZING!

Work today was alright.  I've got a few frustrations there.  I'm trying to deal with it though.  Just typical retail stuff.  My hours were cut short today.  I was supposed to go till 7 today.  But I got out at 3:30 today.  It was a surprise when I looked at the schedule after I took my first break today.  Made me kind of unhappy.  But I guess it had to be done.  Only because we haven't been making sales, so they have to cut hours.  And I would rant here, about that.  But I shouldn't.  

It was cold today.  And it's not supposed to get warmer anytime soon.  Hooray.  Been snowing off and on today.  Reminded me of a winter in Kansas.  It's 10 right now.  The wind chill is supposed to be -5 or so tonight.  Joy.

Grandpa is supposed to be up here on Monday.  He's here for Thanksgiving.  Hooray!

I made some banana bread tonight.  I haven't made anything like that in a long time.  At first I was a little confused at how it was gonna make a batter out of two eggs and 4 bananas, but apparently the batter works itself out.  I was amused.  It didn't call for any cinnamon, so I had to add a dash of cinnamon and a bit of freshly grated nutmeg.  And I add extra nuts, because 1/2 cup of nuts wasn't enough.  So I added 1/2 cup extra.  I felt smart about that.

I'm tired.  So I should get some sleep.


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