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Revealing My Nerdy Side A Bit: In Which I Need Your Help!

Ok, so I've told y'all before that I RP on Twitter.  Well, some of you.  RP=Role Play.  Nerd to the extreme, yes.  But anyways, I RP in a Harry Potter verse ((As Harry)) BUT we need MORE PEOPLE!  We pretty much have the main cast, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Umbridge, Voldemort, McGonagol.  We have a Ron, but he doesn't really RP.  We have a Luna, but she doesn't get on much either.  But we could use A LOT more people.  I just played a game of Qudditch by myself, and that's NO FUN BY YOURSELF!  So, if you're interested either:

A) Message me and/or comment here

B) Send me an @  or DM on my RL twitter account (@KaityDId33087) or my Harry account (@Emo_Harry)

We really need more people!  Come on Harry Potter fans!  WE NEED YOU!
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