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"Sunshine, Daises, Butter Mellow..."

"Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!"

AHHH!  Harry Potter was SO INCREDIBLY EPIC!  I LOVED IT!  I want to go see it again! :D

My friend Meagen and I had an awesome time!  Went to go pick her up about 12:30, we went by her bank and then by Subway for lunch, and back to the house.  We finished up our shirts.  It has the house name on the front ((Hufflepuff on mine, Gryffindor on her's)) and then the snippet from the Sorting Hat's song in the first book about each house.  And then I finished my scarf and about 7 we headed out, we went by JoAnn's to show off our gear.  And then we went to Wal-Mart and got some candy and some Christmas earrings, cause they were 2 bucks each.  And I could justify that.  And then we got dinner at Hu Hot.  And then we went to Target and browsed there for an hour, till they closed.  Then we went to stand in line.  We were actually IN the theater.  So that was pretty cool.  We were in theater 8.  They showed it in 1, 8 and 14.  We got our seats, went and got popcorn and Red Vines ((For licorice wands, last minute idea)) and then sodas.  And then we waited around, talked to the people next to us.  That's the fun of going to things like this, because they're are other dorks out there with you, enjoying it.  So that was a lot of fun.  And the movie was AHMAZING!  I'm totally exhausted, but it was totally worth it.  So, now I'm gonna run to the store, get some butter and an energy drink, because coffee isn't cutting it today.  I'm making banana bread, because I have over ripe bananas.

I'll post pics of our shirts and the scarf later

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