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I Fail

Ok, so I know I'm behind on the Meme.  I'll catch up on that in a seprate post.  No need to take up a whole post for my life and the meme.  That and I have no idea where I am. XD

Anyways.  I'm doing pretty good.  Been working.

Monday I worked 6-2:30.  I unloaded the truck and stocked fleece and ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  And of course I saw some fleece that I wanted to make a tie blanket out of.  Which I've been thinking about making one for a long time.  So I had yesterday off.  So  I went to JoAnn's of course.  And got my fleece. I got a piece that has colorful owls on it, it's on a white background.  And then I've got another piece, with a brown background that has white, green, pink, and orange dots on it.  And I totally love it.  I did it today after work.  Yesterday was good though.  I had it off.  I went to JoAnn's, Target, and got minutes and an envelope to send Allison (harumph ) some mail <3 and I couldn't pass up some clearanced Halloween candy.  So I now have enough candy to take me into the New Year.  And then I mailed Allison her mail.  Then I had to run home and grab a coupon for Super 1.  Then I went to Super 1.  I got groceries.  And I've always learned to not shop hungry, but do I ever really learn?!  Of course not.  So I shopped hungry.  But I didn't do too bad.  I got stuff I needed.  And then I went to Taco Bell ((So badly addicted.  It's bad)) And I guess they got a couple of tacos wrong on some ladies order.  So I ended up with two free steak tacos.  FTW!  And then I came home.  

Today was pretty good.  I worked a short shift.  9-1.  I love those shifts.  It went by fast too.  Cause I was doing stuff that wasn't cashiering all day.  And we stayed busy enough.  So I went by the office, and then I went and got lunch, and went and picked up Chip from his fur cut appointment.  Then I came here, and I started working on my blanket.  Had it finished in a couple of hours.

Storm Chasers was a little rough to watch tonight.  Just made me feel sad.

Anyways, it was a pretty good day.  :)

Gonna update my Meme tomorrow.  Getting sleepy.  So I should get some sleep


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