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Another Interesting Day

Well, today was…interesting…to say the least.

So, I was SUPPOSED to work from noon-5:15. But that changed. About 45 minutes into my shift, I started feeling not so good. Kinda sick. So, I’m in the middle of checking this guest out right? Getting ready to give her her change, when suddenly, my vision starts to go black. And suddenly, I pass out. So my co-worker catches me and brings me down to the floor. And my boss calls the paramedics. They got there just a couple minutes after I came to. Originally, I wasn’t gonna go, but then I stood up, and started feeling like I was gonna pass out again. So, they checked my blood sugar, 98, and then they took me to the hospital. I got hooked up to an IV and got some fluids into me on the way. And they stuck one of those oxygen things up my nose. Got there, then they got me into the room. They checked both my pulse and heart rate laying down, sitting up, and standing. By the time they had me standing, Mom came into the room. Then they came in and took some blood. And changed the IV bag. And I got a glass of water. And then about 2 hours later, I was out of there.

Everything appears to be fine. They don’t think it was seizure or anything. Just dehydration. And probably got overheated. It was really hot in the store today. But I’ve been drinking water today and Powerade. I’ll be fine though. Just tired.

And on that note, I'll do my meme:

"Why Don't We Do It In The Road" From "Across the Universe"

So yeah.  That was my day.  Interesting, crazy, and soon I'm gonna sleep.  Because it was really exhausting.


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