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Catching Up on the Meme and Work Stuff

Ok, so, like always, I always get behind on this thing.  I get home from work and I'm just pooped.  I should try to do it BEFORE I go to work.  LOL!

So anyways, here we go:

So, my mom really likes Carrie Newcommer.  As do I.  But this song always makes me think of my mom.  "Gathering of Spirits":

And then we have:

This song makes me think a lot of my future.  It's a good song though: "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls

And then there's:

I sing a lot of songs in the shower.  I sing a little of everything in the shower.  This song is on my mind though.  I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to singing in the shower:

So that's that, all caught up on that.

I just realized that I've never used this icon.  And I love it.  :)

Work is going well. This past week was CRAZY!  We had our moonlight madness sale.  It was PURE MADNESS.  Crazy and people were going nuts over their coupons.  It's crazy.  I mean.  People use their coupons on crazy stuff.  Like, if it's under 2.00 people still use 'em.  I don't get it.  40% will only reduce it to what, 60 cents or so?  I mean, seriously?  I don't get people.  I hate it when people use the coupons that we have sitting out, and their total purchase is under 20 dollars.  And it's only 40% off one item.  And the item is like, 3 dollars.  Just doesn't make sense to me.  Oh well.  But people are crazy.  And I really do like my job for the most part.  There are things here and there, like any job, that irks me.

Off the next two days.  Gonna go get some new shoes!  Mine are really hurting my feet.

And I'm really excited, cause I'm going to the movies on Friday night with a couple of girls from work.  I think we might go see "You Again".  I dunno.  But it should be fun.  I like everyone I work with.  Everyone is super nice.

I think one of the girls I work with and I might do something for Halloween.  I think I might be a Sunflower.  We've got yellow shirts at work.  So what I might do, is try to find a black visor and some yellow flower petals.  And then hot glue those onto the visor.  If not that, I'll be a pumpkin again.

Anyways, I'm good.  Got all caught up on the meme.

Now back to twitter


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