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Meme Day Five and Other stuff

Okey dokey!

So meme day five!

Soooooo.  I have lots of favorite female singers.  But I'll go with some Carrie Newcomer.  I like her voice, and her music is relaxing.  :)  Also, I really like this song:

In other news.  I'm doing pretty good.  Have had the past couple of days off.  Been nice.  Thursday I went out and about.  Yesterday I was here all day.  Today. not sure what I'm gonna do.  I ended up ordering the complete series of "Firefly" off of Amazon.  Because it was such a good deal! :D  Of course now my parents will probably give me grief for spending my money, but I don't care.  I work open to close tomorrow I think.  Fun fun.  Ah well.  Money is good.

But I'm good, just really hyper right now, cause I'm drinking an energy drink.  And it's like WHOA! affecting me.  But it's all good.  :P

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