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First Day of Work!

So today was my first day at JoAnn's.  Well, it was orientation, so I guess you could consider it my first day.  And it was AWESOME.  Minus, hitting the stop lights across town red.  Seriously, it was like, every single light.  Of course it would happen to me.  And then, I had forgotten my social security card at home.  I realized this when I was about halfway across town.  And then once I got there, I had to turn around right away, and come back to get it.  Taking about 30 minutes out of my day.  *Sighs* That was frustrating.  But, it was ok, because I made it up at the end of the day anyways.  But yeah.  We had to take a safety quiz, and we went over all the store policies, fun stuff like that.  We had to each go back to the computer, one by one, to fill out paperwork and stuff.  Took about 15 minutes each.  But I didn't go in till the very end of the day.  Just because someone else had to use the computer.  That's alright though.  Just did your basic orientation stuff today.  Pretty good.  Went on a store tour and filled out the paperwork.  All that jazz.  But, like I said, I didn't get to do my paperwork till the end of the day, because it was on the computer and someone else was using it.  So, I went over to the cutting table.  Kind of observed what went on over there.  Which seems like a very busy place.  Put some bolts of fabric away.  It was interesting.  Then went back to the backroom and did my paperwork.  I think I was there for like, an extra 45 minutes/hour.  So that was pretty cool.

I'm really excited.  It's nice, because I'm not going to be working just the cash register.  And I'm not going to be working just the cutting table.  And I'm not going to be working just other stuff.  I get to do EVERYTHING.  And I love it.  That, and I already love the atmosphere here.  Everyone seems so nice.  And it seems like we'll all be close and have fun.  I'm excited.  I know I'll love it.

And I'm just, really happy right now.  I've been feeling in a slump, for awhile.  I mean, with everything that's happened within the past month, over the past several months really.  But, yeah, I'm happy.  And it's such a good thing.  Such an awesome weekend, and it was a great day.  And I've got tomorrow off, and then I go back in on Wednesday morning, then have Thursday off, and work Friday and Saturday.  And it shall be awesome! :D

Anyways, I need some sleep :)

Laters! :D

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