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I'm so karking excited right now!  I got a job at JoAnn's! :D  I picked up the application on Thursday, turned it in on Friday, got a call to come in for an interview today, yesterday.  Interviewed this morning, and got hired on the spot.  I used to work with someone at Target, who works there now, and is in charge of hiring.  So she talked me up to her managers, and I got the job!  I'm sooooooooo excited! :D

It's turning out to be an awesome weekend.

Minus the heartburn all day yesterday.  I Skyped with my family  for about an hour, which was weird, because I was all confused with what was going on.  But it was still fun.  And then, I went and got some pizza for dinner, and a Funfetti cake.  Because watching the cake be lit, was making me all hungry for cake.  And then, I was driving back here, and Alex called.  And he was like, my girlfriend and I are doing cool stuff tonight, ya wanna join us?  So I said, OK!  They came over here for a bit, and we hung out for a bit, and then Skyped some more with the family.  And then they went to go get some of Alex's stuff.  And I hung out here for a bit.  Then they came back, and we went to go see "The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole" which was REALLY good, and much better than I was expecting it to be.  Also, Jim Sturgges, does the voice for one of the owls, and I love him even more now.  :D  And then they dropped me back off here, and Alex went with his gf to get his car, but I guess he accidentally fell asleep there, so he called me this morning, saying where he was.  Silly Alex.  It's ok though.

And so, yeah.  It's been an awesome weekend.  Not sure what's going on the rest of the day.  Probably just gonna relax.  I'm in a really good mood though.  Really happy for once.  :)

I'm gonna go chillax for a bit.


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