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The Job Hunt

The job hunt, it goes.  Crazy stuff.  Went out Monday and went all over the place.  I ended up going to Qdoba, and just all over Huton Ranch.  And then I haven't done a whole lot the past couple of days.  Been watching the Office a lot the past couple of days.  I finished it today.  And I bought season 1 of Modern Family.  I saw one episode, decided I really liked it.  And well, yeah.  I can't help myself.

And then today.  I went and dropped off a couple of apps at IHOP and Bullman's.  IHOP told me that if they need someone for the seasonal season, that they'd give me a call.  And then I went over to JoAnn's, and Taco Bell, and McDonald's and Arby's.  Arby's said they might call me next week.  Depends.  So yeah, lots of places.  We'll just kind of see what happens I guess.

Mom and dad are going of to Wichita this week.  Which leaves me alone for a week.  WOOTNESS.  Oh that'll be so nice.

Yeah...I guess I'm alright right now.  Just kinda numb.  Still feels weird.

Man, it's only 10:45 and I'm really tired.  I guess that's from all the job hunting.  Which really takes a lot out of you.

So yeah, guess I should watch some Modern Family and get some sleep.


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