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A Better Day

So today was better than the past couple have been.  Just my mood and in general.

Got to get out and about a bit with my dad today.  We went to Nickle Charlies for lunch.  Then we went to the Blue Cow and got the Acura washed.  And then we went to the bank to activate my new card.  But it wasn't going, and I was like, WTF?!  Because I had to go get a new one last week, but then I had problems getting it activated, so they gave me another one.  So then, my dad and I went to Wal-Mart, and we got Chip some treats and chewies and my dad got toothpaste.  And then we went to Best Buy, because I was having problems with Lappy, AGAIN.  It suddenly acted like it wouldn't charge last night.  So, we went and had the Geek Squad take a look.  And apparently, it was just the power source, the cord stopped working for whatever reason.  So we got a new one.  Then we went over to Borders so my dad could get some books for his trip.  We got some coffee.  And then we went over to Target and my dad got a Windshield Cleaner Wiper Thingy, and some Chip Clips.  And then we went over to Pet Co and got some food and more treats for Chip.  Then we went over to the office and got the truck and then took it to the Blue Cow and got it clean.  And then we went back to the office and went to Cost-Co and got a roast and green beans for dinner.  Then we went back over to the bank and got my card activated and then went home.

All in all, a pretty good day I think.

My parents are going hiking tomorrow.  I'm electing to not go.  

I'm also not going to Wichita next week.   Can't afford it and I don't want to put Chip in a kennel for that long either.  That, and I just REALLY need some time to myself.  Just...lots of different stress and I need some time to deal with it.  Bah.

Anyways, today was good.  And I'm expecting tomorrow to be just as good.  :)

And I'm gonna finish watching "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and then go to bed.


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