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You know, the feeling, when you really think you're ok.  And that you've really got a good handle on your emotions.  And then, for whatever reason, you don't?  I mean, it's like up and down and up and down.  One moment I'm fine and think I've got a complete handle on it all.  And then the next day, I'm not, and I'm just all sad and feeling karked up and everything.  I hate it.  And everyone tells me things will get better, and I know this.  But, it seriously doesn't FEEL like they will.  I mean, I just don't know.  Sometimes I wish I could just slip into a hole or something, and just be alone, for as long as I need.  Cause it all feels like it's so much.  Like seriously, I feel like I could huddle into a little ball right now, and just cry and cry and cry.  I hate it.  I hate feeling like this.

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