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More Ups and Downs

You know, when you think you're doing ok.  And then, boom, something happens, and suddenly it throws you back to how you were a little bit ago.

Like, last night.  I had a dream.  In which we were all at my grandparents house, cleaning it out.  It was an odd dream.  But then the odder part was for whatever reason, we were back in our old neighborhood before we moved out here.  And then this owl comes flying out of nowhere in the middle of the day.  And then this evening, there was this hugeeeeeeeeeee rainbow.  Just all those things felt like signs.  And then I was RPing, and for one of my characters and another character that he has a thing with, long lost love of his...long story.  But anyways, I thought that "Longer" by Dan Fogelburg, described their relationship perfectly.  And I listened to it.  And I just thought of my grandma while listening to it.  Because it's on the mix.  And I've just kind've had this sad feeling all day.

But the highlight of my day was the GLEE premier.  Good stuff.

I'm gonna get some sleep.

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