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Work Work and More Work

I'm totally exhausted.  Work has sucked every ounce of energy that I have out of me.  Yesterday was pretty good, but long.  I sold the first REDcard, so I got a big box of candy.  Then I got a Great Team Member card for following my prompts.  And then I got to train a new cashier.  And then since I was training, and she was there till closing, and I was getting out at 8:30, they asked me to stay till 9, so closing, and then I stayed that extra half hour to help close up.  So then today I worked 2-close.  I have tomorrow off.  Wednesday is 2-close.  Then I have Thursday and Friday off.  Then Saturday 3-close.  I think they're trying to kill me this week.  Cause that's what it feels like right now.  My shoulder is bothering me again.  I think I did something to it last summer, and it's kinda lasting.  Unfortuantly.

I'm so excited to see harumph and family in a couple of weeks!  We're gonna have lots of awesome time together.  I think we're planning on doing some rafting!  EXCITING!

Oh lordy I'm tired.  And I have absolutely nothing to say, cause my life is boring like that.  So, I think I'm gonna go to bed.



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