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You might think that I'd post about the 9 year anniversary of 9/11 today.  But I'm not.  Instead, I'm going to post about my Grandma.  Because it helps.  I'm sorry if it's all I post about the next few days.  But it really does help.

I keep going through cycles.  Where, I'll be ok one moment, and then the next moment I'll think of my Grandma, something she said or does or whatever, and I'll start crying all over again.  Like, Monday, after the viewing, we all went to El Mexico.  A grand tradition in the Schultz family.  We always used to go there when everyone was there.  Grandma and Grandpa and all the cousins and aunts and uncles, and we either get All Meat Burritos with chili and cheese or Special Monterey's.  Except my crazy sister who doesn't like Mexican food, and she'd get a cheeseburger.  And we always had a good time there.  Or, I think about how she always called me KaityDid.  Which is where my username comes from.  She's the only one that ever called me that.  It's just special to me.  Or right now, Richie Rich is on ABC Family.  We used to watch this a lot before/during nap time over at her house.  And just kind of all these things make me feel sad.  And make me miss her.  It's just really tough and it really sucks.  Cause I really hate being sad.  I don't want to be sad, and I know my Grandma doesn't want me to be sad. 

I'm just kinda...I dunno...

I just don't know
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