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And Lappy Is Back!

And obviously I am too!

I'm attempting to get into FVCC.  It's a frustrating process.  Because they want all this crap.  And I just filled out my FAFSA, and I have to know if I can get anything.  And I need to speed the process up a little bit, and I need to fill out some paperwork and talk to my advisor to do so, but then when I was talking to the people back in admissions, the stupid people were like, no, you have to be completely admited before you can do that.  Which is such bullshit.  I hate this stupid process.  And I know it was all really last minute, but it's something I want to do.  Something I've been wanting to do for a long time.  So hopefully it'll all work out.  Otherwise, I don't know what I'll do.

In other news.  My parents got in a car accident when they were coming back from fishing today.  They weren't hurt or anything though.  And the truck is still driveable.  Just a bit dinged up.  The truck that is.  But everyone is fine.

And yeah, that's pretty much it.


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