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Overdue Update

So, I suppose it's time for an update.

Lappy is going in for repairs today.  My dad sent him in.  So I should have him back by the middle of next week.  

I put in an application to FVCC.  I'm looking to get my AAS, I think, in Culinary Arts.  I'm only choosing to do it here, because I know the program is fantastic, and I took the knife skills class several months ago and loved it.  And it's been something that I've been tossing over and over in my head for awhile.

I'm looking for a new job.  TeleTech just wasn't working for me anymore.  People are dumb and rude and yeah, just not for me.  So, I'm looking for something new now.

Otherwise, I'm alright.  Just living my life the best I can.

And that's pretty much it in my boring, everyday life.


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